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EDI Plus: For whom an upgrade is worthwhile
EDI Basic users have already experienced the many advantages of working with EDI from Transus. But with an upgrade to EDI Plus, further extras await, with which companies in trade can work even more efficiently and optimise their business processes. This applies especially to the area of logistics.
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Transus EDI interface to Microsoft Business Central

Transus partner NAS conception launches new app NC365 Transus EDI connect.
With NC365 Transus EDI connect, NAS conception's AppSource offering offers a simple and direct way to connect Transus EDI to Microsoft's Business Central environment.

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Internationalisation in trade: How it works thanks to EDI
Today, trade often works across borders. Regardless of whether traders address end customers in different countries or whether suppliers in the trade want to offer their product to internationally operating trade chains, EDI from Transus supports companies of all sizes in their internationalisation.
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Intergamma return notifications via EDI

In 2011, a large collaborative project was started under the auspices of GS1 to automate and standardise the extensive, labour-intensive return flows between DIY shops and their suppliers. Back then, processing a single return took 77 minutes and had an average lead time of 20 days.

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Horticulture sector feeds growth with EDI

You probably saw the news last week: the number of brick & mortar shops on our streets has dropped by more than 11% in the past decade. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), this can be explained in part by a relatively weak economy, which saw many shops and major retail chains go bankrupt. At the same time, the number of online shops has tripled, with many companies opening online shops in addition to their brick & mortar branches to generate more revenue.

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DIY sector continues to build online presence

The Twinkle 100, the list of the most popular online retailers in the Netherlands, was published on 19 September. This year marks the first time that supermarkets have cracked the top 10, with Albert Heijn coming in third place. Unsurprisingly, bol.com and Coolblue, respectively, took first and second place in the Twinkle100.

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Transus meets Hornbach’s requirement with EDI and SSCC label service

Hornbach has long required any suppliers looking to sell their products through Hornbach to work with EDI. As of 2020, Hornbach imposed even stricter requirements, asking all suppliers to mark their shipments with an accepted SSCC label.

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