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EDI with a major impact on the business of your customers. Without complex implementation or time-consuming support. Transus makes EDI effortless. Welcome to the Transus Partner Network.

Together, we will show how effortless EDI can be

Experts know the immense power of EDI. They know that the automatic exchange of orders, confirmations and invoices makes your customers’ jobs faster, more efficient and more pleasant. This has a major impact on their business. However: it all seems so complex.

We know better. Through the Transus Network, we combine our knowledge with the knowledge of our partners. Automation experts, system integrators and other EDI experts - partners like you. Together, we will show that EDI can be straightforward and 100% scalable.

Join the Transus Partner Network for effortless EDI. Easy to configure. Plug & play for your customers. Customer support? We will take care of that.

This is Transus

Transus makes the exchange of business documents effortless in a network that already includes over 100,000 commercial businesses. Thanks to our cloud-based platform, EDI exchange is now 100% scalable. Customers can get started within 24 hours, including seamless integration with their ERP system and accounting software.

Join us. Setup and Lean back.

If you connect your customers to the Transus Network and enable them to do the work themselves. Transus is ready to help you with all your questions - and those of your customers.
Quick configuration and onboarding for new customers
Your customers can connect themselves to over 100,000 commercial businesses. Is one of their trade partners not in the network yet? Transus will simply add them for free
Partner Dashboard for all your customers
Transus answers all your questions, as well as those of your customers

Feedback from our Partner Network

“I connected my client to Amazon in 7 hours”

Harald Gran, SAP and EDI expert

Knowledge and Growth.

Join a community of like-minded EDI experts in which you can meet others, share your expertise and develop your business.
Help Transus users and other Transus Partners with questions
All technical and marketing documentation you need to support you
Transus users looking for an EDI or ERP expert can find you via the Transus Online Partner search
Transus will actively refer users to Transus Partners when users are looking for an EDI or ERP expert

Feedback from our Partner Network

"Our junior business consultants perform EDI implementations themselves"

Wim de Bruin / Xperit
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Can be seamlessly integrated with all systems

All known ERP solutions and accounting software connect directly with Transus. All orders, packing slips and invoices will be transferred between ERP systems of your customers and their trading partners withour errors.

Whether your customers use SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX / NAV, Sage, myfactory, LSE, Xentral, weclapp or any other systems: our platform will seamlessly fit their system.

Subscriptions for your customers

EDI Basic
EDI Basic
€ 58,50
per month
One-off connection fee: from €150,-
The premier EDI web portal for retail suppliers.
  • Through our web portal
  • Exchange all business documents
  • Automatic document validation
  • Real-time insight into your documents
  • Support included
EDI Plus
EDI Plus
€ 113,00
per month
One-off connection fee: from €150,-
Advanced solution, with EDI automation.
  • Includes everything from EDI Basic
  • Create SSCC labels
  • Automatic transport configuration
  • Link to your ERP software
  • Includes API link to Transus
EDI Premium
EDI Premium
€ 184,50
per month
One-off connection fee: from €150,-
Complete EDI solution, with Premium support. 
  • Includes everything from EDI Plus
  • Premium support included
  • Your personal Incident Manager
  • Support for your trading partners
  • Archive your invoices

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Join now, and discover how effortless EDI by Transus really is. For your customers, and for yourself.