Internationalisation in trade: How it works thanks to EDI

Today, trade often works across borders. Regardless of whether traders address end customers in different countries or whether suppliers in the trade want to offer their product to internationally operating trade chains, EDI from Transus supports companies of all sizes in their internationalisation.

Data exchange without language barriers

With EDI, electronic business documents such as orders, invoices and delivery notes can be exchanged automatically. Using standardised EDI formats is particularly helpful for international cooperation, as EDI enables communication independent of language barriers and different national standards.


Fast response times, even internationally

The electronic exchange of documents in real time via EDI enables faster processing of orders, deliveries and payments. This is particularly advantageous in international business, as EDI thus accelerates the flow of information and shortens response times.


Avoid cultural misunderstandings

Manual data entry can lead to errors. The EDI interface reduces the dependency on manual input and thus minimises error rates. This is especially important when companies work with international partners, as misunderstandings due to language and cultural differences can be avoided.


Trust and transparency across borders

Companies can build reliable and efficient business relationships with their international partners by exchanging business documents effortlessly. EDI promotes transparency, improves communication and helps build lasting trust between partners.


Simplify expansion into new markets

With EDI, business activities can be scaled and adapted to the demands of internationalisation. Companies can seamlessly integrate EDI into their existing CRM or accounting systems and collaborate with partners worldwide. This facilitates expansion into new markets and promotes business growth.


EDI from Transus: International trade network included right away

EDI from Transus offers companies in trade even more: We deliver new market opportunities through our international "Social Platform" with over 100,000 partners in many different countries immediately.

EDI has many advantages for international trade: Data exchange becomes more efficient, reliable and faster. Automating business processes and improved communication with international partners also enable companies to strengthen their competitiveness and take advantage of new market opportunities.