“EDI revolutionises how you communicate with your customers and suppliers”

Retail chain Veritas about working with EDI to simplify administrative processes.

Creative retail chain Veritas has 117 of its own shops selling fashion accessories and sewing and craft supplies. Project manager Linda Van Hove explains how the shops are supplied: “Most products are shipped to the stores from a central warehouse, with various regular suppliers delivering the remaining products straight from their stock on a weekly basis. We use EDI to ensure that these call-off orders are processed flawlessly.”

Simplified processes

EDI has greatly simplified Veritas’s administrative processes. Van Hove explains, 'Every week, we put in various call-off orders, with the supplier packaging the orders for each specific branch. We wanted the admin involved to be as easy as possible.”

“All we have to do is provide a digital order file that Transus then translates into the correct EDI format. Transus then makes sure that our EDI document is sent to the supplier and follows up on any issues. Finally, our suppliers can simply import the EDI order document into their system.”

Less work for all parties involved

“Upon delivery, our supplier submits an EDI file to Transus, who then translate it and send it to our ERP system. Ultimately, it means there’s a lot less administrative work for all parties involved, and that’s how EDI has revolutionised how we communicate with our suppliers.”

Outsourcing EDI is affordable

If your company has a small IT department like we do, I would definitely outsource EDI”, Van Hove recommends. “Developing and maintaining it all yourself would take a lot of time. Relying on a professional party like Transus is simply a better option, especially since they also have a fast, high-quality online call system. It’s been smooth sailing from the very start, and I even think it’s the most affordable option out there.”