"Transus always helps us quickly”

Diversi Foods on how it uses EDI to distribute innovative ready-to-bake products in the Western European market. 

Diversi Foods is a distributor of innovative ready-to-bake products for the Western European market, including pre-baked and frozen bread products, Viennoiserie, pastries, snacks, and frozen pastry products. Since 1989, the company has been synonymous with authenticity, quality, experience, and innovation.

Retailers demand EDI 

Manual Allaert, the company’s IT officer, remembers how “the first customers who demanded that we got started with EDI were Dutch retailers. We had just switched to SAP, but the mapping process in SAP was too complicated. We decided to partner up with Transus because their EDI services appeared to be great value for money. Now, we also use EDI for our major Belgian retail customers.”

Allaert sees EDI as a bare necessity. “Let’s face it, we have to supply our products as the customer wants them, but with new customers, we have to be careful that all the codes are correct from the outset. Debit and credit notes require extra attention, as standards are never really standard in practice. Once everything has been set up properly, though, the efficiency gains are palpable.”

Good, to-the-point support

Allaert is very satisfied with Transus. “Their support is good and to the point. We have a fixed contact and never find ourselves chasing after an answer. “Yes, I’m very pleased.”