“It’s been a breeze”

Supplier of quality duck products Tomassen Duck-To about working with EDI.

Tomassen Duck-To supplies quality duck products to, among others, German retail chain EDEKA. The company already supplied large quantities of duck products to wholesalers, but retail was new and so was EDI. 

Quick start with EDI

Director Gerard Elbertsen talks about his experiences: “EDI was a hard requirement, there were no two ways about it. It scared us, at first, because we had never worked with EDI before. We always used to stick an invoice in an envelope and hope that our money arrived on time.”

“We either had to set up EDI entirely by ourselves or work with a company, but fortunately our hardware and software supplier referred us to Transus. Together, we properly set up the entire EDI process in no time at all.”

Simple invoicing

“It’s been a breeze for two years now”, Elbertsen continues. “It really couldn’t be any easier. We process EDEKA’s invoices once a week and send the file to Transus, who give us the necessary feedback and send our invoices to EDEKA. And after a fixed number of days, the money is always in our account.”

Precise control

“It’s a precise process, because if all the full stops and commas are not in exactly the right place, the invoice will be unceremoniously rejected, which also means it will stay unpaid! For us, Transus is more than a conduit: they also play an important monitoring role. I’m glad we didn’t try to reinvent the wheel ourselves with EDI!”