“No more lost or illegible shipping notes”

Supplier of innovative automotive products about working with EDI provider Transus.

Marly is a supplier of innovative automotive products such as engine oils. Helga Thoelen explains how she found Transus: “a big customer asked us to work with EDI. We were happy to do so, but we weren’t happy with our EDI provider at the time. A lot went wrong. Our customer told us: ‘we use Transus for other suppliers, why don’t you try them.’ That’s exactly what we did, and we’re very satisfied with how things have gone.”

Error-free processing

Thoelen explains how EDI works in practice at Marly, “I receive all our orders via EDI and draw up shipping notes accordingly. Suppose a customer orders 10 products and we can ship 9. Our order confirmation will clearly show that we’ll only be delivering 9. The missing product is ordered automatically the next time, which means the entire process can be completed in one go, without any mistakes.”

Better collaboration

“In the past, we would make manual shipping notes and give them to our drivers, but they would get lost or damaged from time to time. This isn’t a problem anymore.

The process of adding new customers is also very user friendly, and if I need a little guidance, I can easily turn to Transus. Their support is always quick and very helpful”, Thoelen concludes.