“Everything is solved easily. Transus just picks it up and fixes it.”

Artiteq, a hanging system specialist, about using EDI.


Artiteq is a hanging system specialist that develops flexible hanging systems for paintings and other wall decorations. Despite the fact that Artiteq does business with customers from all over the world, all trading is a piece of cake with EDI by Transus.

Transus for fundamentals

Our software partner for ERP Prodin loved working with Tranus and recommended that we turn to Transus for our EDI link. In the words of Robert van Nistelrooij, Purchasing & Logistics Manager at Artiteq: “Transus’s experience and relationships with various major customers made implementation a cinch”.

Artiteq works with large DIY shops such as Hornbach and OBI in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Sweden.

Transus in German

For Artiteq, Transus’s German colleagues particularly came in handy. “If one of our customers sends us a request to adjust one of our documents in German, it’s an easy solve. We just send the request to Transus, they pick it up, and fix it for us.”

Support from Transus Germany, you're welcome.